wow ok, so Friday I went to get dose one of the vaccination. And I admit I am TERRIBLE with QR codes, I can never get it right on the first try ever, BUT ..anyway before that… I got there and immediately I was asked if I was already a member of what I guess was whatever health group is sponsoring or providing doctors ( LOL yes I thought doctors were giving me my shot before I realized that was a false hope). I was not a member and I was directed to sign up with the QR code. I took three pictures of it and finally got the link. I signed up and was prompted to enter credit card information and so I was confused. I looked around for a moment and I scrolled and found free 90 day trial and I’m like oh ok, this must be it because the doses are only 21 days apart they must want to to try to really get members but I can cancel as soon as I get my next shot or try it for a couple more months right?! so I click free trial it still prompts me for card info so I just put it in, like it’s fine I WILL cancel when I get my second dose like.. I don’t even know WHAT THIS IS. HOW MUCH IS IT. WHAT DOES IT DO. Ok, anyway I finish registration and I’m allowed to check in, the lady asks for my ID and insurance I give her my ID don’t have insurance, which I say, and hand her my ID, she asks for my confirmation email and insurance again, I say again I don’t have insurance and give her my email printed out. I’m directed to booth 3 where Benjamin, who shares a birthday with my dad, but is not a doctor, gives me my shot and tells me to go sit in the next observation area. I wait my 15 minutes book my next dose and leave.
TODAY. I just got home from work, we were slammed, everyday this week. I’m tired I have 167 unread emails, so I start scrolling. My unemployment card is set up to alert me via email for all purchases. So first I see like four in a row and I’m like I haven’t even used this card. But I see that they are uber vs Lyft (the other day uber was super ridiculous like $60 for me to get to work and 23 minute wait for the $60 ride.. that is normally 3 mins and $12. So I redownloaded Lyft and was just going back and forth trying to call a ride to work for a decent price and seeing which one got to me first (uber won but its not linked to my unemployment card). So one was a charge for a ride I’d cancelled, the 2nd was another ride and based off the remaining balance you can tell there was not even a hold on the account from the first ride, my balance went up in the second email, the third and fourth were both refunds. Cool. I keep scrolling and (mind you I still have 132 unread email right now) I see another alert from the unemployment card and I’m like no way I swear “yesterday” ( Friday) I only called those two times on Lyft and I haven’t used the card. This email says -$199 “that membership name” It’s dated April 2nd (All these things were the same day, Friday) I am APPALLED. I immediately go to the site to get help, and it prompts me to send a email to their accounting agents or whatever so I do, and it’s in a chat setting so I am short with it, I was charged $199 as this membership or whatever?? and I’m wondering why because it said free 90 days. So I’m googling like was there something I missed where I needed to pay for the vaccine itself I thought it was free, IS THIS LIKE BENJAMIN THE NON DOCTOR, is everything a lie, was this a trap. I fucking panic because it’s me and I do this. I find evidence my vaccine should be FREE. and so I look back at my message like did I say enough to let them know I don’t want to pay $199 for anything. I also want my second dose tho but the people (non doctors) working the place made me register — and I remembered my pictures! (the message prompt tells me they will respond to me in 3 business days… It’s Saturday night (Sunday) this will take a while.. so I put almost as much detail as I have here.. kidding they really got the long story short, and this is the extended version of the long. But I attached my images

and told them basically those people made me sign up I didn’t know I was being charged I did enter my information but 90 trial and vaccine is free I only did it for a vaccine this paper literally SAYS FREE ACCOUNT. So I guess I am waiting until next week to hopefully be refunded and still allowed to get dose 2 or I’m the one American who is paying for a vaccine ………
But what also kind of red flagged me was that the $199 was withdrawn or held before the Lyft transactions ( I got my shot at 10 am, tried to get to work at 3) In the email I got for the $199 transaction my balance was still the same as the other emails about Lyft and so at first I’m like oh maybe this was a hold and refunded so I went into my account history, but the charge was definitely there and completed not pending. I’m alarmed because that balance (randomly missing $199) did not shock me I was just like oh they gave the money back, and I wouldn’t have noticed without these emails [its hard for me to explain what im saying] but I will pay better attention to my accounts I’ll know if I’m happy about these alerts hopefully next week.
This was long and I could keep going but like I said, long week at work, I’m tired and I have 133 unread emails now.

p.s. oh, joy, the new one is next weeks work schedule.

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