loops & string

almost did not write today, I finally went to sleep at 9:30am yesterday & woke up at 8pm.
I don’t have much to update I’m still kind of all over the place but I’ve been doing activities to clear my mind, heavy with the knitting right now. I wanted to make this sweater but the yarn I ordered wasn’t the right size so I’m making an oversized scarf im in love. I ordered so much yarn. I really want to practice more with different types of stitches to make the complex designs. Other than that I’ve been editing my playlist. I’m almost satisfied with it, and once its perfected I’ll be on the up and up.
Something else did bring a smile to my face.. changing a ringtone ha ha ha I personalized a ringtone because some one has actually called me. I don’t know the last time I personalized a ringtone, the only calls I get are from scam likely.

I only came to update because my hand needed a break. back to the knitting.

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