yarn one

it’s nearly 11am and I will be going to sleep soon; I’m a knitting junkie. I’ve been watching YouTube videos/buying yarn/knitting the scarf all at the same time for hours. I’m debating staying up still because an order of yarn is being delivered supposedly between 7am & 11am but it’s 10:42.. if it comes I know I won’t resist starting another project.
I’ve also agreed to make O a scarf, I definitely feel like I’ve told him I would before but I actually have the time and the need to clear my head.
I was actually kind of shocked to hear from him.. I hadn’t in a while it felt like.. maybe because I’ve been extra worried about [——-protected——-] and I hadn’t had to talk to him about it or explain anything yet it felt like longer. Anyway for whatever reason it felt like we hadn’t talked in a while, and I was.. ok? letting go? idk.. kind of felt weird I kind of wanted to be mad or upset like we haven’t spoken in a while where have you been? but my response was not that, naturally I’m just into conversation with him. I did not go to hang out with him tho

obviously im addicted to knitting, and was too preoccupied. hmp.

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