who’s number one?

This year is the first year I really felt like it was a brand new start. With so much self reflection happening all at once I just feel like something is different.
I had a dream that I booked my flight for LA for today, and I was at the airport and missed the shuttle to the other airport and had to rebook my flight all to be on time for the shuttle for that one and realize I booked my flight for Jan 2 & the hotel and concert are Jan 19. So then faced with the decision do I hop on the plane im already here for and book a last minute hotel and rebook the flight again or do I stay home and forfeit the plane ticket.
I decided to stay home and got no refund but I think just the hassle of traveling and all I had already done and having to do even more was enough to say fuck it lets go home to bed.
Feels super reflective of life right now.
Everything is so scheduled. Work. Work, squeeze in friendship, Sleep. Work. squeeze in friendship Work, Sleep. and I’m just so tired. I’ll take a break and give up on whatever.
With my new year new me, I’m gonna start to let some things go, I don’t need this trip, I don’t need this shift, we can hang out another time. I need to put myself first, take that nap, stay in that night, call off work, say no to whatever. I need to be my main priority.

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