James Blonde

the last time I wrote I kind of touched on this, but I am so tired of dulling myself down, out of fear of rejection, out of fear of losing popularity. I have lost so much of myself for the sake of being generally well liked. I’m over it. Rather be alone than dim. I dyed my hair.. well put highlights. some parts are reallllly terribly done but overall I love it. I’ve been wearing earrings, nothing too bold yet because I think I look kinda crazy in them anyway. I’ve been saying exactly what I think instead of thinking about how what I say will be heard. I’ve been unapologetically indulging in what I want when I want. I walked to the store because I NEEDED to get the champagne color highlights to go with the caramel but I also bought make up and new nail polish, I feel like a brand new person. I also think I’m hooked on lightening my hair I’m going to probably add more blonde in the future.

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