Come to light.

Last night I had a dream and it did involve a wild weather event but, it was very different.
I escaped the imminent danger and got all the way to my “house” and a wolf took shelter with me. I was terrified of it, and it’s eyes kept changing color.
I feel like maybe parts of the dream were triggered by my date with myself last night.
I went paddle boarding to see the fire works; first I need my own kayak and need to do this every year, honestly I can’t explain the experience. Everything stopped, like even my paddle board stopped turning and the view was great. But (also I ate an edible before going, it kicked in at the perfect time) going back, paddling in the dark with like a hundred other boats was CRAZY. I legit felt like titanic like omg let me find land now. but it was amazing. I then took a long ass walk because of course Uber was crazy I ended up walking from Georgetown to my job and then just going to cvs and waiting for the $50 uber. instead of the $115 from Georgetown lol. But the entire day was good and I just feel moved.. changed by it. And my dream.. I don’t know I just woke up feeling like the world looks different.
I cant describe how I feel now in coherent sentences.. just, speed of light, big world, soul and life.

little people.
I hope I can make it make sense, but I’m ok with riding this out.

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