natural energy.

this trip has been amazing. there have been moments that have been ..trying but there are a lot of energies in the house/cosmos/universe right now. I have had trouble sleeping each night here, I’m tossing and physically jumping and twitching, my dreams are pretty wack too, very realistic but not positive in anyway. I’ve been pretty good at shaking it when I wake up and making the most out of being here despite my confusion with the messages being sent to me..
I envisioned this trip to be completely different, and tho I’ve had some really good moments here, I wish it was more like my original vision. — When I went to see Eric he touched my arm and said I want your energy. and I raised my eyebrows at him like wow, I was right. And now I feel a little drained. I know Ive had a few long days but my patience is also being picked at. I’m excited tomorrow is the last day I know we will make the most of it and also it will be over.
I can’t wait to share my favorite moments from the trip.
But I won’t until I’m home.
My focus is on absorbing this Nature.

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