Lately I really have felt this energy. I don’t know how to describe it like something coming from me, like being built within me and exuding into the universe is so positive ? I am making genuine connections, everything is really going well lately, I’m feeling good, a lot of validation a lot of rewards? The universe is rewarding me.
An old friend reached out today. The falling out is something I think about often and regret, I really missed this friend and it honestly was really crazy that we really stopped talking given all our friendship was.
It’s just like really crazy that everything is improving. Everything is going my way.

I definitely feel like me really taking care of me is making all the difference.
It feels like I’m out of a deep depression I didn’t even realize I was in until things got better.

The way I talk to people, the way I interact now is completely different from where I had been.
I really lost me somewhere for a long time.
I’m thankful that there are people around me who were patient, I hope they feel rewarded too.

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