plucked like a chicken

I have not been writing. I feel like this past week was very hectic. I’m not going to relive it and list everything that happened but I feel like I was losing time or every second was occupied by something. I also feel like I KNOW that was not reality, in reality I had free time and I think I tried to enjoy all of it. It’s all kind of a blur now.
I’ve invested in some hooks and more yarn. of course.
but what I’ve been working on that I’m really proud of is my skin.
not my face because I have not been able to figure out these pimples… like they just won’t stop. they are so stubborn. but my body, my skin just looks soft and more even toned and IT IS SOFT. I started a really heavy exfoliating routine and I’m on top of my epilating. at some point during quarantine I ordered a new razor and let me tell you it was HORRIBLE. I have been working so hard to rid my self of ingrown hairs and scars from ingrowns. and it’s working! I’ve been epilating weekly instead of my usual monthly & I’m happy with the results. it doesn’t even take very long when I do it weekly because there is barely any new hair, but the old ones I’ve scrubbed from under my skin are removed and that is bringing me joy.

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