just like the movies

ok, so.. I’ve spent the entire day working on this sweater?/cardigan? not sure yet. (it feels very strange to type after crocheting all day, my fingers work weird, excuse typos until I feel like editing)
BUT this cardigan I’m completely free-handing it like I don’t even know what I want it to look like yet.. it’s concept has gone from crop top sweater to an entire one piece sweater (I hate sewing pieces together) then I made it kind of too skinny accidentally.. and had to think of ways to make it wider so now its kind of a cardigan ? but it’s really fun and I love whatever I’m doing so far but— when I’m working I’m just really in my own thoughts, and I had like a mini flashback to this dream I had a while ago: (very unclear feel free to skip ahead sorry )

 I was at the house and my aunt had come over via bike, and she wanted me to return the bike to a local bike rental place? I think in my mind it was like a bike share hub at first ? like "let me go and return this bike to the garage" anyway I looked up where the return place was and it was around the corner---- there is this weird alley near my house that has a bunch of garages? and its always busy my Ubers HATE driving through there but its not far at all. So the bike places says its near there so I just get on the bike and ride it over there so I can just walk back before it gets dark..... I find the place and it looks like a post office on the outside (there's also a post office in a weird alley like place but its more like 10 minutes from my house and not around the corner (I dream blended the alleys)) SO I take the bike inside and there's a line section roped off to the counter but its like a bike shop? there are bikes hanging everywhere and so many workers so I return the bike but something happened I don't remember what this dream was at least a week ago but for whatever reason I was waiting to talk to the manager and walking around browsing the bikes and one of the workers this guy was so.. welcoming? I don't know I liked him he ended up asking me out by the end of the dream and I talked to the manager and he gave me a discount on a bike I bought and rode home, but this bike shop was also a bar so it was kind of cool like I was drinking beer being sold bikes.

It got me thinking my dreams are so vivid and creative in my brain I wish I could translate it out into the real world. and I started thinking about getting into animation or at least getting into drawing one image of the dream because I would LOVE to remember them that way. I know I bought a drawing tablet but the screen cracked and also I don’t think it is exactly the quality or capable of the programs I want especially the pen that came with it, I even ordered different pens compatible with it and they weren’t great. SO my next big splurge purchase for myself will be an iPad and pencil. At the very latest I will give it to myself as a birthday gift and eventually I will have scenes ! and maybe some animations. I just feel like it would be really cool. I’ve always said I should have a tv show or something.

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