I’ve been doing pretty well balancing duty and indulgence, and also making indulging a duty.
I feel like I’m really making the most out of my days and, avoiding social media/being online browsing/attempting to spend money. It does make me want to be a little more social.
I’d been thinking about how people do not know me that well, even when they know me.. and it made me think about how I know others.. like if its the same level I’d admit people know me on I am ashamed to call people friends. But I will work at it, at listening and providing safe places for my friends to show their whole selves & if I already know them truly well, I will share more and allow them to also know me.
I was talking to my boss the other day (I have to go back to work in April officially) and I asked him to please allow me to be nice and open this time around. I feel like he is highly entertained by me and provokes me to get the reactions he enjoys and it’s not that I am mean I just get irritated and I just like people to do their jobs, but hopefully it will be a fresh start. I want to have at least a neutral attitude toward work.

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