odd & familiar

it feels so good to clean and purge. I don’t want to call it minimalism but maybe it is that? I feel like I’ve been on this journey for a few years now, I’ve really been cutting out extra shit. im working on hair products now. A lot of the ones I have are heat products because I was straightening my hair every damn day, so now they kind of just sit there waiting for me to decide to straighten my hair. some of the others are plain moisturizers or leave in conditioners and I want to use them and then never buy again but its just so unnecessary these days and I’ve already picked the product I like so why hold on to the old one? I did a lot of that today I got rid of face masks, eye creams, moisturizers, lotions, these feet spa gels?, old pasties (this was a long time coming like the old ones just sit in this case I have and I always skip them anyway? I don’t know why I always keep stuff just in case. I’ve also stopped this habit… lol this is going to sound kind of nuts because thats how I felt today realizing that I do it with everything…. I always have multiple of things …and store them in multiple places like sets.. I have the nightstand set, the dresser set, the desk set… like pens, sticky notes, safety pins, compact mirror, tweezers, toothpicks, & hand sanitizer.. like its all one room why not have all of the one thing in one established home why do I need a set everywhere? It’s really because I’m lazy and it’s way more convenient if I have it accessible to me anywhere I decide to use the things.. its like handy dandy… but I made homes for everything! hopefully I stick to it and don’t start slowly moving the things around for convenience.
I’ve been reading this book, and by reading I started last night read 100 pages and forced myself to put it down at 1:30am, but I plan to finish it tonight. It’s really .. astounding the way I relate to this book.. like I feel it is perfectly, exactly describing the phase of life im in right now like even the words and language are things I’ve mentioned in this blog. I got this book back in the summer when I started book of the month but I never read it because I was focused on other activities, I picked it up last night and I really couldn’t have started it at a better time. It’s called untamed and I’ve marked probably 100 passages/sentences already and cried .. BAWLED MY EYES OUT. I don’t know what’s up with me and all this crying in books, but I’ve also been crying or tearing up at tons of things.. like everything so much so that I took a pregnancy test the other day. Yeah I’ve been that off. but this book is also taking me on a journey because as its describing me now I think it will go beyond. the chapters are super short too so its a quick read but so impactful. I plan to buy more books by Glennon Doyle.

and last thing, I finally really listened to the words to how deep is too deep and it is also resonating with me hard.

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