I’m trying to cut back on watching tv, I feel like my eyes are really declining, may have to do with the numerous black eyes I’ve had the past few years but there definitely seems to be some straining. and honestly it helps me be more productive knitting when I’m not always looking away from my work.
I really wanted to edit and label this picture I took of all the projects together because they were all kind of overlapping .. I was trying to show quantity but the editor was SO hard to use.
I really keep starting new projects before finishing especially when the remainder of the project is small. A lot of projects I’ve started have been me just trying to learn a new skill or test out a sequence of “moves” and I’ve thought of something to make from it because I liked it. But here are some of my projects that actually resemble something, there are more but this collage only had 5 spaces… but just to put into perspective how obsessed I am I have 10 completed projects, 6 projects that are very far along and 4 projects that have just begun I cant even pull them off the needles.. I also have a million balls of yarn in a storage bag s.o.s.

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