what you can control

So last year in maybe mid quarantine part one I subscribed to a bunch of magazines.. all because I wanted to have some boat magazines to browse. The boat subscription has never arrived, now that I think about it, but I’ve accumulated a bunch of fashion magazines (that I haven’t read) and I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with them? are they recyclable? are they meant to just live in a pile forever? is this a collectors item? I’m not really sure so for now they are with my sewing materials as I guess what I’ll call research even tho, again, I haven’t touched them.

I am thinking of doing collages… the color ones that are so many small images/pieces of images put together to make a large image? yeah that. The only hesitation I have is the mess. so much cut paper. It is fitting that they are in my sewing stuff because sewing is messy as hell too, string and scraps everywhere forever. There is not a day I don’t find a thread somewhere. but I think that will be fun and make me feel better for ordering these magazines.

P.S. where the f are my boat magazines?

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