you got second chances

I haven’t written in a while, I’ve really just been trying to take care of myself. Trying to give myself breaks, trying to really just pamper me… without spending money. I did buy some soaps from Briana and they are definitely aa great way to start and end the day, my shower time has increased by 20 minutes.. (it could be the pot too) but today after the shower I went back to sleep. IT IS SO NICE SHOWERING AND GETTING BACK IN BED. I don’t know how I will transition back for work, but these few days I’ve been well rested my skin has cleared up I’ve been more talkative and over all just calm and relaxed and not feeling lazy. Even one day that I slept all day I managed to do my laundry in between naps? I feel really good.
I have so much yarn I wish I was faster at knitting. I’ve also started crocheting but I’m not very good. I need to stop buying new needles tho because I’m just encouraged to but a project on hold and pick up different needles and work on something else.

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