little world

I do retreat into my own world.
I got a voicemail from unemployment, (I missed the call because DND), it was a recording apologizing and updating me on missing unemployment benefits.. so.. I didn’t get an unemployment payment, had no idea, they called to tell me to be patient and wait 2-3 days for the payment … I go on Facebook because in the industry page thats all they talk about it unemployment status and I hadn’t seen anything and I have been on Facebook …. in the knitting groups.. everyday. So I’m just processing that not only did I not notice missing a deposit, I’ve also drowned out one of my sources of information with knitting projects.
Legit sitting here framing pictures, writing reviews on soaps, and sipping coffee about to knit. Living in my own world when all of DC is missing money because of some technical glitch that no one has explained and is still being investigated and I had no idea.
I like my world, I know I get really out of touch but it’s a lot less depressing than the alternate reality.
I mean hopefully we get paid but..
from my little world;

from the lair

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