twice daily

So, I’ve been really paying attention to my body and how I feel physically (trying to get out of my emotions/just on high alert because.. health). Well, I noticed I was grinding my teeth a lot, I think its the mask, but my jaw would be sore and my teeth felt fragile-like. On top of that my bones keep cracking and I’ve been knitting so much my joints are in constant motion, and all of this on top of I haven’t drank milk since elementary school and probably had a huge calcium deficiency. I bought some calcium supplements! They have something else in them too but first of all they are delicious, second of all it’s been maybe a week maybe almost 2 weeks of taking them daily and my teeth feel strong, I notice right away as soon as I even clench so the grinding has lessened because I feel it immediately because my teeth are feeling strong, I feel like my skin has gotten clearer and my body feels stronger and softer ?? I don’t know what it is but I love these gummies! I was tempted to look into other supplements and things I’m probably lacking but I’ll let a doctor tell me the rest, I just knew I probably would never get the proper amount of calcium and haven’t in years.

I am also trying to gain weight.. something about my hip/abdomen area makes me think I’m not supposed to be this shape? or size? Maybe the internet has just shown me too many perfect bodies but I feel like there’s meant to be something else going on. I’ve been intentionally eating 3 meals a day ( I would literally never do this on purpose I usually skip breakfast). and besides coffee (one/day) and tea (occasionally) I’m only drinking water. BUT MY FACE. MY FORE HEAD THE SKIN IS TIGHT AND SMOOTH AND SHINY. I’m waiting for these pimples to clear but lately I feel physically amazing. Next week I will begin some form of workout. I’m really debating getting this studio membership and teach myself tap dance/ballet. I have the shoes.

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