discovery is bliss

I spent a lot of money yesterday/lastnight. Today I am obsessed with finding DIY’s.
I was literally NOT looking for diy’s watching a knitting tutorial and (obsessed with how the yarn they used looked) wanted to buy some yarn. me being an idiot goes directly to their link in the video its some yarn website they make their own t-shirt yarn. so me being an idiot is like Ooh I don’t have any t-shirt yarn yet I don’t think (my package still hasn’t arrived) and I’m browsing and building a cart of all these colors of their t-shirt yarn and each ball (big ass balls tho) is $10.99 .. my cart is at about $50 before I decide to look on other sites to see if they also sell this wondrous tshirt yarn, Joann (becoming my least favorite girl for anything ever) gives me some bs link to a yarn that is not at all the texture that I saw in my video and on this other site, I go back. Amazon shows me a t-shirt yarn but the price is higher & for a smaller ball and less variety of color, I go back. I decide to just google it ya know, YouTube video pops up DIY TSHIRT YARN. clickbait I wanted it. It’s like a 3 minute video of this lady with the sweetest little voice, showing me how to simply recycle my own t-shirt by using only scissors ( and a ruler if I want to be precise ) to cut it up and make a yarn. I am embarrassed and SO EXCITED. I don’t think anyone realizes the amount of free t-shirts I’ve accumulated working in bars for 10 years. You mean I don’t have to pay 10.99 for balls of this stuff? I have it here? You mean I don’t have to wait for terrible shipping? I have it here? You mean the project I just decided I want to do, I can do right now. AND AND AND AND AND AND. it gets better. I have a shit ton of fabric… and what are t-shirts made out of? This is the most amazing thing I’ve discovered. and yes I feel very stupid and ashamed but nothing can take this joy. I will be saving my money and my patience.
I’d also like to mention this is a major YouTube appreciation entry. I love it. I’m a little sorry I turned my back and cancelled my premium membership for CBSallaccess but it has truly been the best. and shoutout to all the little ladies on there making knitting videos. I love it.

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