sideshow bob

today was a good day. I’ve finally done and retrieved my laundry from the basement, also got to give back to my grandfather who has no idea why he’s “beat” today… [he did the shoveling yesterday.. duh] but it felt good and productive. A friend is coming into town tomorrow so I will brave the covid world briefly…

I have browsed the internet multiple times today trying to spend money but I have restrained myself each time. Tomorrow on the outing I will obviously spend money but I will try not to spend any money until at least the 10th. Not sure why thats the date I’m picking but thats what I’ve chosen.

Tomorrow I will do something I haven’t done in forever, and rarely have ever done since I’ve been in charge of doing my own hair. Curly Fro. I’m really trying not to use a bunch of products anymore, I’m trying to get to very minimal necessity for products I feel like I spend a lot of money on grooming things and why. I’m super nervous and may back out and just end up with a couple braids in my super clean no product hair. But I’m hoping to take the first step. I have been wearing my fro around the house for a few days, my hair is so frizzy and big tho so by the end of the day I end up with a ponytail or braids but I think the fro will be nice in the cold. Wearing it like this I have noticed the unhealthy portions of my hair compared to the seemingly healthy parts they just curl different, I’m planning to eventually cut out the parts that look like they are not healthy or are just dead straight? but I think I will finally grow my hair … just to see. I do not doubt I will chop it off eventually when its hot or heavy but for now I am trying to achieve healthy long curly hair. wild.

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