what’s today again?

This week really flew by, I’ve spent a couple nights just editing pictures. I’ve done a lot of knitting too. The days kind of all blur together since I wake up at random times and end up going to sleep in the morning like anywhere from 7am-noon.
I’ve been talking to someone, really in a get to know you kind of way. I feel like everything I’ve worked to change or adjust for myself is not reflected in our interactions. I’m gated, and I find myself trying to think of ways to say something that I will sound impressive or something. Or trying to cater more to his interests in conversations.. pretending I get what he’s talking about. I hate it here.
At least I’ve been trying to catch myself and I’ve been trying only to sugar coat my natural reactions, and sometimes I just give up and say “..oh ok” and leave it on him to find the conversation.
O said my scarf looked like some J Crew Shit so I feel validated, and more encouraged to keep going.
The other yarns are still not here waiting for my option ro get a refund or talk to customer support why is it not obvious how to do that??
I’ve been being productive with the knitting and I’m making like… photo books? but… HEAVILY EDITED. Just things I like. but based off real photos. I’m attempting to make sort of a coffee table book.. but pictures of me and my friends. It’s just hard because over the last few years I’ve taken less and less photos.. I do have secret pictures (“lost files”) tho and I really love having them and sometimes releasing them.

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