Wow, the universe is really dampening my momentum. My yarn has still not arrived, and the other yarn I ordered is now also delayed AND my Joanns order with the most yarn is not coming until FEBRUARY 5th. I want to cry. But I guess I can give my fingers a break.

I for the first time watched Euphoria. It’s still hard for me to see similarities between me and Zendaya but I guess they are there if so many people say so. I found myself relating to some … kind of harsh realities of it? More so the most recent releases the special episodes. all that stuff about accepting things that are wrong, and allowing them to continue instead righting the wrongs, & pretending not to care although you care so much you want to die & not planning on being here long.
I didn’t cry in any episodes truthfully I didn’t pay attention well until that special episode caught my attention. Some of the things she said during the season about depression and bipolar-it (?) and manic episodes and the down times was similar to how I feel sometimes IT ALSO MADE ME THINK ABOUT MY KIDNEY HEALTH.

once I move I’m definitely going to the doctor. my city has said that my industry is next on the essential list for a covid vaccine, so I may be going back to work sooner than I thought; I want to be settled in the new place and feeling healthy before then tho. lets hope for the best in both situations.
I’m so ready to move already. I might start looking for other places. This was just the best location/price in proximity to my grandparents but… now I’m getting frustrated.

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