always up and down

The worse my gloom gets the more I hope I don’t have to work again until March. I’m really not sure what to do to occupy my time. I’ve been in bed for days, and the days just keep passing.
I’m probably going to force myself to make a new budget by the end of the day, one realistic and expecting to return to work any day and one that will plan for unemployment until march.
I’m looking forward to moving, I really think it will alleviate some of the negative energy, and give me something to put it into. Maybe after I make my budget I will revisit my “cart” and start over, really pay attention to prices and reviews and refine my list.
I don’t know.. I have very low energy.
I did catch parts of the inauguration and it gave a little inspiration to really work with this coat/jacket pattern I have.. but again, low energy. I won’t put too much pressure on myself to be productive. I just want to get through these lows.

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