don’t go chasing

I’m moody. Something is happening to me some kind of growth or development that I don’t fully understand. I feel like maybe these harsh moods are because I’m resisting the change, or trying to influence it at least. Theres a path I want to be on but it’s climbing up the waterfall. Maybe the path of least resistance gets there faster, or easier. Maybe I need to let go of whatever it is I think I should be doing.. (this is sounding like Jonathan Ng has gotten into my head)

I keep wanting to rant about this one thing. this one thing. but I keep stopping myself, talking myself out of the issue, claiming the fault, and the purpose and erasing this negative feeling but it just keeps recurring. … ugh

Sometimes I really feel like I deserve to be alone, half the time I don’t like people, and the other half I take them for granted.. even when there’s a balance its fucked up.

maybe I want to be left alone.

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